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Stealth Camping
:  Living temporarily in a location, usually for recreation, in a covert or secretive fashion.  Stealth camping is also referred to as wild camping, ninja camping, or free camping.   Stealth camping is often practiced by hikers, cyclists, and kayakers.

Stealth camping should be done without any intention of harm and so no law is being broken.   Stealth camping is intended to allow camping in the wilderness, while ensuring future generations a similarly free wilderness experience. 

With the proper research and preparation, anyone can Stealth Camp successfully, legally,  and respectfully.

Disclaimer:  This website is meant to help you learn about stealth camping techniques, tips, and laws.  Stealth camping entails risks similar to many recreational activities.  You should research beyond this site to ensure that you are adventuring within your own capabilities, experience level, and following the law in your area.   This website does not give legal advice, but it does attempt to point you towards reliable sources.  Always check the sources.