Stealth Camping Laws does NOT give legal advice.   We merely try to help you find the laws that pertain to your area.  Laws change; verify your findings with sources more reliable than this site.

Stealth camping is legal in many areas, but not everywhere.  Many locations have specific trespassing laws which limit those areas that you can legally stealth camp.   Please use these links as a starting point in your research about the laws in your area.  Also, each town or township may have their own unique laws and rules that cannot possibly be entirely listed here.  

Realize that there are criminal and civil trespassing laws.  Criminal laws are those enforced by law enforcement.  Civil trespassing laws are those that involve a landowner seeking compensation for damages caused by a trespasser.  

If you find a mistake, or find information that you believe would be helpful to others, send us a message.  If the information can be verified, it will be added to the site.  Please cite the source of your information.

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