Why Stealth Camp?
There are many reasons to Stealth Camp.   There are also reasons that stealth camping might not be for you.  Hikers, touring bikers, and kayakers all have their own reasons for stealth camping, this is a general list.

Benefits of Stealth Camping
Possible Negatives
 Too much solitude
 Low environmental impact
 Won't meet new people
 Flexible and convenient
 Less amenities
 Quiet time for yourself
 Must be self reliant
 Cost savings Not legal everywhere
 Connect with nature
 Requires extra preparation
 Faster and more efficient
 May require different equipment
 Camp in new places
 Misunderstood laws
 Connect with nature
 Environmental unknowns
 Unlock new adventures
 Possibility of confrontation

If reading through the lists makes you nervous about stealth camping, then maybe stealth camping is not for you.  If the list brings beautiful experiences to mind..........welcome to the club!